Mathieu Viau - Welcome


Senior software development professional, I count many years of professional experience in information technology including 2 years in technical support and the balance in application development mainly for the Web using Java and PHP. I also have some experience with .Net, and Python. Recently, I'm more oriented on technical architecture solutions for various software and Web projects.

I'm currently available for new remote work opportunities as of mid-september.

Areas of Expertise

  • Medical,
  • Financial,
  • Training and Teaching,
  • Real Estate
  • Web Portals,
  • Logistics and Transport,
  • eCommerce Solutions,
  • Retail,
  • Enterprise Resources Planning ERP,
  • Customer Relationship Managemment CRM.

Written and Spoken Languages

I fluently write and speak both French and English.

My Specialty

Lately, a few recruiters asked me what my specialty is in terms of software development. They seemed to be a bit confused while going through my technical profile. Here is what I usualy answer.

To deliver solutions that satisfy the stakeholders' needs. Choosing the right tools is secondary to that goal, and it really depends on a variety of factors.

My specialty is to respond to the needs of the customers, and other stakeholders by providing quality technical solutions, which means solutions that satisfy those needs. Then, the tools to be used is secondary to that goal, and their selection depends on the objectives to reach. As to my technical specialization, it's mostly back-end development, even if I'm very open to other tasks here and there, such as team management and growth, quality assurance, database and infrastructure management. I even get my hands dirty into some front-end. What I'm not, in turn, is a graphic designer, or a user experience analyst. On the programming languages front, most of my experience sits around PHP, Python, Java, and Go. As for databases, I'm quite flexible including either SQL, or NoSQL solutions.