MavTek - Montréal

MavTek is a leader in the area of Web based video content delivery.

Lead Software Developer (January 2020 to July 2022).

  • Manage the team quarterly objectives (OKRs)
  • Plan the work to be accomplished
  • Produce proofs of concept
  • Assess projects risks
  • Provide a mitigation plan for those risks
  • Design software and cloud based architectures
  • Set-up, configure and manage AWS based infrastructure.
  • Develop software modules, services, and APIs.
  • Build unit, functional and behavioural tests.
  • Write some technical documentation
  • Put and enforce good agile practices into place
  • Coach developers
  • Review code and documentation
  • Anchor the team to the architects, devops, management, and the other stakeholders
  • Lead Scrum ceremonies, and other meetings
  • Measure and report on the team progress
  • Perform technology watch
  • Recruit new team members
  • Evaluate team members performance
  • Identify points to improve
  • Set SMART individual and team wide objectives
  • Create opportunities for team members to shine
  • Produce the required technical documents to apply for SR&ED credits

Java, Quarkus, GraalVM, Python, PHP, Swoole, Maven, Gradle, Liquibase, Bash, MacOSX, Linux, Git, Vim, VPC, EC2, Networking, Security, EKS, ECS, ECR, Docker, ElastiCache, Redis, MSK, Kinesis, Firehose, S3, Lambda, Glue, Maxwell, Aurora, MySQL, RDS, Redshift, Spectrum, Snowflake, Dynamodb, CloudFormation, CodeBuild, CodePipeline, X-Ray, CloudWatch, Datadog, Jenkins, CI, CD, Parquet, QuickSight, SOLID, BDD, Behave