Collège de Maisonneuve - Montréal

The Information Technology Institute (ITI) at Collège de Maisonneuve offers various computer and multimedia programs including continuous education for adults.

Multimedia Teacher (August 2009 to May 2010).

Taught classes:

  • 420-062-NC - Developing E-Commerce Applications
  • 420-055-NC - Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
  • 420-039-NC - Introduction au développement d'applications Web
  • 420-049-NC - Introduction to XML Technologies
  • 420-056-NC - Introduction to the Java Platform
  • 420-060-NC - Programming Server-Side Web Applications with Object-Oriented PHP

IBM PC, OpenOffice, MS Office, LINUX, Windows XP, Apache, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, SOAP, MySQL, Wireshark