Lightspeed POS Inc. - Montréal

Lightspeed POS Inc. is a leader in the point-of-sale market providing on-site or cloud based retail systems as well as restaurant oriented, and omni-channel commerce solutions.

Back-End Developer (March 2015 to date).

  • Develop software modules, services, and APIs.
  • Build unit, functional and behavioural tests.
  • Build automated user interface tests.
  • Refactor some code artifacts.
  • Take part in the improvement of the development processes.
  • Integrate the tools used for continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD).
  • Contribute to set up the development environment.
  • Perform code reviews.
  • Analyze business requirements.
  • Elaborate technical solutions to fulfil those requirements.
  • Produce architecture and software documentation.
  • Optimize code and SQL queries.

PHP, MAC OSX, CentOS LINUX, MYSQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, PHPUnit, Git, Vim, Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernetes, Minikube, Python, Flask, PyTest, Tox, Selenium, AWS, Elastic Beanstalk, SQS, S3, DynamoDB, SWF, PaaS, SaaS, CONFLUENCE, GitHub, STASH, JIRA, Jenkins, Concourse CI, Maven, Sbt, VirtualBox, Vagrant, TDD, BDD, New Relic, Datadog, Apache, Nginx, Laravel, Mixpanel, Zookeeper, Kafka, Maxwell, Memcache, Redis, REST, OpenAPI, RAML, Swagger, Java, Scala, Play, Spray, Akka, Hbase, Phoenix, Kudu, Impala, Spanner, Pubsub, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, Looker, Snowflake, Data Pipeline, Data Warehouse, Data Lake, OAuth 2, OpenID Connect, Go, Echo, Microservices, Helm, Terraform, Cloud Dataproc, Presto DB, Hive.

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At Pride, we are Remembering the Past and Creating the Future

At Lightspeed, Pride, diversity, and inclusion isn't rainbow-washing. Pride is part of our DNA. Let's remember the past and create a more inclusive future for everyone.

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